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AI voice and face recognition-TI  TLV320AIC3254+TPA2012D2RTJ

The AI ​​voice and face recognition  audio acquisition board mainly uses TI

TLV320AIC3254 audio codec + TPA2012D2RTJ power amplifier .

 The TLV320AIC3254 (sometimes referred to as AIC3254) is a flexible low power , low

voltage stereo audio codec, the TLV320AIC3254 chip has programmable inputs and outputs .

 PowerTune function  , fully programmable miniDSP, fixed predefined and parameterizable signal

processing blocks, integrated PLL , integrated LDO and flexible digital interface , support I2C and


 TPA2012D2RTJ is a stereo class D audio amplifier, TPA2012D2RTJ not only provides

independent shutdown control for each channel .

 In addition, the G0 and G1 gain selection pins can also be used to select 6, 12, 18 or 24 dB .

The TPA2012D2RTJ chip is on the voice acquisition board , mainly to realize the effect of

transmitting the collected sound and playing it through the headphone port .             

  Description of TLV320AIC3254  ;

 . Stereo Audio DAC with 100dB SNR

 . 4.1mW Stereo 48ksps DAC Playback

 . Stereo Audio ADC with 93dB SNR

 . 6.1-mW Stereo 48-ksps ADC Record

 . PowerTune™

 . Extensive Signal Processing Options

 . Embedded miniDSP

 . Six Single-Ended or Three Fully-


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