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TLC5926IPWPR-Buy Texas Instruments parts

           First, the TI TLC5926IPWPR is a 16-bit constant current LED perfusion current driver,

which is specially designed for LED display and LED   lighting applications, with open-circuit load,

short circuit load and over-temperature detection, and constant current control functions.

          TLC5926IPWPR contains a 16-bit shift register and data latch that convert serial input data

into a parallel output format. At the TLC5926IPWPR  output level, the 16 voltage-current ports.

         Second, the ON MMBT4401LT1G is a 40 V, 600 mA NPN bipolar junction transistor designed

for linear and switching applications. It is SOT-23  packaged and is designed for low-power surface

mount applications. The device is lead-free, halogen-free / BFR, and meets RoHS standards. Mainly

used in, linear and switch, low-power surface mounting.

        Third, the LAN91C111-NU is a 10 / 100 Base-T / TX Ethernet controller with a 16 / 32-bit

interface. The LAN91C111-NU is a hybrid signal analog /digital device implementing the MAC and

PHY parts of the CSMA / CD protocols at 10 and 100 Mbps. The design will also minimize data

throughput limitations using the 32-bit, 16-bit, or 8-bit bus Host interfaces in embedded


         Fourth, Texas Instruments ADS8867IDRCT is a 16-bit, 100kSPS, single-channel SAR ADC

with true difference input, SPI interface, and chrysanthemum chain. The device operates at the external reference level of 2.5V to 5V to provide a wide signal range without additional signal

adjustment. This reference voltage setting is independent of and can exceed, the analog power

supply voltage (AVDD). This device provides an SPI-compatible serial port that also supports daisy

chain operation for multiple device cascades. It is mainly used in consumer electronics, automatic

testing equipment (ATE), instrument and processing cards, precision medical equipment, low

power consumption, battery-powered instruments, computer and computer perimeter, embedded

design and development, and public utilities.

         Fifth, Italian semiconductors’ STM8S003F3P6TR cost-effective series 8-bit microcontroller

has 8 KB flash memory program memory, plus real-data EEPROM.  The device is known as a low-

density devise in the STM8S MicroController Series Reference     Manual(RM0016.

The TheSTM8S003F3P6TR series of devices have the following advantages, high performance, high

robustness, and low system cost. Real data EEPROM    supports 100,000 write / erase cycles,

advanced kernel, and peripherals manufactured with advanced technology, 16 MHz clock

frequency, high robustness I / O, an independent watchdog with an independent clock source, and clock

security system. Mainly should be in, consumer products, small