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The difference between a mobile phone chip and a CPU

  The difference between a mobile phone chip and a CPU:With different architectures, different computing efficiencies, different power consumption, and development tools.

First, the mobile phone chip architecture is ARM architecture, while the CPU architecture is

mainly X86. In terms of efficiency and complexity, the X86 instruction set is better, which is that

the desktop computer can run larger software.

      The main reason for processing more data is for the X86 in terms of efficiency and

 complexity.The X86 instruction set is better, which means that desktop computers can run larger

 software and process more.Mainly used for extensive data analysis.

Second, the difference in computing efficiency.

At present, the processor frequency of mobile phone still can not compete with the desktop

level, in the past two years of mobile phone chip, although the main frequencyIt can reach 1-2GHz,

but the computer chips have already exceeded 5GHz, and the number of cores is also a

combination of big core + small core + GPU.

Third, the power consumption is different.

current mobile phone chip processor is not more than 10W, while on tThe power consumption of

the he contrary, the computer chips are basically 60W,The starting power consumption, so in this

case, the mobile phone chip in the case of lower power consumption, the processing task speed can

basically meet the needs of most users, which is not compared to the computer chip processor.

Fourth, the diversity of software development and use of tools.

CPU is better than mobile phone chip processor, computer after years of development, X86

architecture under the software is very much, openHair is also very perfect, these can help users to

better complete the work, mobile phone chip development time is relatively short, the gap in this

aspect is still relatively obvious difference.

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