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Overview of the operational amplifier ON LM358DR2G

         The LM358DR2G is a dual operational amplifier with low power consumption,   common-

mode input voltage,   and the range is extended to  ground / VEE and single power supply

operation characteristics.   Compared to the standard operational amplifier type in a single power

supply application.

          The LM358DR2G dual-operational amplifier has several distinct advantages.

          LM358DR2G characteristics include low imbalance voltage (300mV, typical value),    ground

common mode input range and high differential  input voltage capacity.

         LM358DR2G can operate at a supply voltage as low as 3V or as high as 32V,   static current is

about one-fifth of the static current associated with  MC1741.    Number of channels: 4, input

compensation voltage: 1 mV,   input current (maximum): 10 pA,   output current: 55 mA.

           LM358DR2G working range of chip is 0℃ ~ 70℃,   Its number of pins is 8,    and it

encapsulates the QFN-16.

          LM358DR2G chips are widely used in cars.

(Product diagram)