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The world’s leading semiconductor company, Infineon

Infineon focuses on three technological challenges of modern society: energy efficiency,

mobility and security. Infineon mainly produces automotive and industrial electronic chips,

base stations, repeaters, radio frequency modules, communication multimedia chips, radio and

television equipment, radar, satellite communications, etc…

Infineon’s product models are: IRF4905PBF , IRF3205PBF , IRF540NPBF , etc

 Example: INFINEON IRF4905PBF Transistor, MOSFET, P-Channel, -74 A, -55 V, 20 mohm, -10

V, -4 V,P-Channel Power MOSFET 40V to 55V.

Infineon’s family of discrete HEXFET® power MOSFETs includes surface mount and leaded

package P-channel devices in form factors that address virtually any board layout and thermal

design challenge. Across the entire range, the reference on-resistance reduces conduction losses,

allowing the designer to provide the best results.