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How to distinguish between the authenticity of IC chips?

There are many IC terms in the domestic IC market: scattered new goods, refurbished goods,

original word original foot goods, new original goods,IC is a kind of many electronic components,

such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other integrated circuits.

First, there are two new products of scattered new goods.One is the market before entering

QC.The yield rate is not very high.The other is for unused, unpackaged, and possibly oxidized


Second, the refurbished goods are recycled through the profit margin and various channels of

some domestic enterprises, and changed to the new batch numbers according to the model

number, packaging, weaving and typing.Another of the most scary buyers of the same IC

packaging model, but not the same brand or the same functional IC is renovated by typing,

mimicking the model.This kind of goods, will bring huge losses to the purchasing factory.

Third, the commodity of the raw foot goods is the disassembly of the parts.There are some IC

chips that are simply packaged and can be wiped and written repeatedly.By disassembly, they were

disassembled and exiled to the market twice.This item is usually very cheap.

Fourth, the new original products are the original products entering the market after QC

certification.Generally, the price may be higher, but the quality must be to standard.In addition,

there is another way to see whether there is a large number of original packaging,including

identification inside and outside the consistent carton, anti-static plastic bags, the actual

identification should be used in multiple ways, there is a problem can be identified as the quality of

the device.

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