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AD9911DDS —— buys the ADI products

        The frequency source is the nerve of communication, instrument, and television electronic system, using the AD9911DDS chip, the peripheral circuit is simple, can easily realize the frequency source circuit output frequency, phase, and working mode control, data throughput of 800Mbps, output signal frequency range of 25~75MHz, can be used to build a flexible frequency synthesizer.

       AD9911DDS, logic low mode is equivalent to an input buffer, the clock AC is coupled to the input; in signal end mode, the clock input (23 # pin) should be decoupled from the AVDD or AGND pin by a 0.1 F capacitor. In the circuit, the two clock inputs of the external crystal vibration are passed through, and the crystal vibration lead line and the bypass line are directly pass-through by DC coupling. The device also provides a 32-bit frequency tuning word, 14-bit