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Zhen rong’s global procurement team purchases parts and components around the world 24 hours a day to ensure the

US$1 billion. In addition, our procurement experts can also find approximately US$3 billion worth of inventory through

a proprietary global inventory locating system.Many of the inventory comes mainly from our existing partners, thank

them for letting us buy components directly from approximately 400 different manufacturers. In addition, we have

many authorized distribution product lines, which enriches our product catalog.After completing the above work, Zhen

rong integrated the characteristics of independent channels and franchised distribution to meet customer needs. Let’s

build a completely unique experience. This is indeed the best way to do both at the same time. Fujia Stores stores and

distributes various semiconductors and electronic components, including:Texas Instruments (TI), STMicroelectronics

(ST) STM32F series, this is our company’s main brand, we integrate all channels, the price is competitive, and have our

own inventory.If you have not found the components you need, our global sourcing experts can find them for you.

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